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Vanne, 19, Mex. - This blog is all about the hunger games, the maze runner, harry potter, etc. talk to me and let's be friends!

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fanfics-and-more-shit sent: I've always wanted a theme like yours. Do you know any good pages with themes like yours?

fanfics-and-more-shit My theme is Bad Behavior by dohdoro you should check it out!

Anonymous sent: What is your theme?! I love it

It’s dohdoro's theme Bad Behavior edited by me :)


Here is quick freestyle for y’all! Shot by the bro Christopher Parsons

@youngjinsu oh my god baby you followed meeeeeee <33 I love you so much! You’re still my number one <3

Anonymous sent: I just thought I should let you know some parts of this theme aren't really visible on small screen resolution (mine is like 1600x900ish)

Ahhh I’m sorry anon! I made it look good for my screen resolution, sorry :( which parts are not visible?

Anonymous sent: ABC


Anonymous sent: hey!! i was on your theme blog and i went to your about me page and i just wanted to say you're really pretty xoxo

Ow omg thank you anon <3 Are you a guy? Cuz I’m single :p hahaha just jk thanks again you made my day 

Anonymous sent: Why do I feel that your themes are so similar to those made by yukoki, cocorini and magnusthemes? :(

First of all, I know you’re not being mean, but it’s a coward thing to come to my main blog on anon and tell me I don’t have creativity (That’s basically what you’re telling me). You found a way to message me on anon just to tell me this lmao. Secondly, I really love those 3 theme maker’s work, well obviously I have some exceptions, but I love their work and I am not trying, in any way, to copy or steal ideas from any of them. I’m so sorry if you think that way, but to be honest Idc, why? Because I know I’m not doing it intentionally. I try to make themes just the way I would like them to look like. cocorini is my favorite theme maker ever, she inspired me to create two of my themes and she even reblogged one, which was the best thing ever for me cuz she is my fav. yukoki is just incredible, so is deutscherthemes, but trust me my dear If there’s something that I would never do is copy someone else, that’s not me, someone stole 3 damn themes from me and it was the worst thing ever, that’s something I’d never do so if there is any similarity to their themes it’s not on purpose. If you have anything else to discuss with me go ahead and message me again OFF ANON, I’d love to hear what you have to say to me.

The Maze Runner BTS [x]

Just follow me and run like your life depends on it.

   B e c a u s e   i t   d o e s .


Some new and old stills in HQ.


I love it because it just looks like Ki Hong is thinking, “I don’t dance. No amount of whatever it is you’re doing right now is going to change that.” Especially cause the first one looks like Dylan is trying to seduce him into dancing.

Hahahaha I love them


New promotional pics of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen in Mockingjay Part 1

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My name is Vanne, I'm 19, bday is on October 17th, I'm Mexican.
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About Me
My name is Vanessa, I am currently 19 years old and I am Mexican
I studied Fashion Design in a technicall high school in my city. I am currently just studying english. I couldn't go to college because of money issues. I am in love with a Jamaican guy :)

I love Mexican food, I also love pizza, spaghetti, and I always, always eat corn.
I listen to different types of music, but I love pop, r&b, hip-hop and rap. I'm currently listening to Nicki, Ariana, Justin, Iggy, Bruno, etc.
My favorite colors are purple, and blue, but i love all the colors :)
My type of guy is the black hot guy. I don't know why but black guys are just skfdjskjfhskhfskh

If you want to know me more don't be afraid to message me